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Your Ukrainian marriage agency: What sets us apart

Real, motivated Russian and Ukrainian women

Our marriage agency offers each of our clients a personalized, quality service. What makes us different is, first and foremost, OUR FULL KNOWLEDGE OF ALL OF THE UKRAINIAN CANDIDATES IN OUR DATABASE, which is unique in international marriage brokering. Our oustranding personal cutomer service was object of several highly reputated TV programs broadcasted in France on such public and private channels as France 2, M6 and NRJ12. We work in tandem with the largest marriage agency in Kharkov, my home town, and we have complete confidence in our partners, who have been our friends for years. We decided to work with just one partner in just one city so that we could get to know each of our potential brides, rather than spreading ourselves out across multiple cities, or even multiple countries in Eastern Europe. When they sign up, our ladies come in person to our offices in Kharkov. Our Ukrainian partners check the accuracy of their photos (or take the photos themselves in their own studio), the personal information that they submit to us, and the reasons why they want to find a suitable foreign husband. Throughout their enrolment in our service, each of these beautiful young women visits our offices in Kharkov once a month to review how their correspondence is going and to give us their personal impressions of their European suitors. This familiarity with our registered ladies allows us to guarantee targeted, closely monitored introductions. With regard to our gentlemen, we hold telephone or Skype discussions, in order to get to know you, understand your expectations as thoroughly as possible, and define a profile for the Slavic woman you are searching for. We will be here, ready to listen to your wishes, throughout our time together along your road to future happiness with a Russian or Ukrainian woman from Kharkov.

For targeted meetings with a Ukrainian woman

We are not looking to make a profit at any price, so our goal is not to sign up as many men as possible. We do not bill you online when we have not actually rendered any service to you (to view photos or send emails that may not even be read by the ladies in question, and so on). But we do make sure that our members are serious about working together. What we want more than anything else is to work together effectively to help couples to form and find happiness. Our male members are not asked to register or pay online. We will only contact you directly, to ensure secure communications. All of the lovely Russian and Ukrainian women on our relationship website are real, sincere and motivated. WE KNOW THEM PERSONALLY and can give you precise information about their pasts, their plans, their personalities and their own preferences for their ideal partners. We do not just enrol every woman who comes to our offices in Kharkov. Instead, we select them according to a number of criteria like physical beauty, morals, education, ability to adapt to life abroad and, above all, the sincerity of their desire to establish a solid relationship with a European man. All the beautiful Slavic women on our relationship site live in the city of Kharkov. So when you arrive in Kharkov, you will be able to meet a number of Russian and Ukrainian women with no additional travel required. Please note that Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine in terms of its economy and culture, after Kiev, the capital city. Even as a tourist, you will not be disappointed.

Is it complicated to go to Ukraine to meet Russian and Ukrainian women?

It is important to note that citizens European Union do not need a visa to go to Ukraine, ever since Eurovision 2005, which took place in Ukraine. Ukrainian women do not need any visa either to travel to Europe since June 2017. Our relationship sites database does not hold thousands of Slavic women, because we target quality over quantity. This is our guarantee that you will meet real young Russian and Ukrainian who are beautiful, active and serious, all of them living in the same city and all of whom are sincerely motivated by the idea of marrying a foreign man. Be wary of dating sites that present thousands of young women to you: these are lists and pretty pictures that can be bought, but most of the information out-of-date and unreliable (many of the young women in these profiles are either already married or do not exist). Your visit to meet women in Kharkov will be enjoyable and fruitful, all for a moderate price. After corresponding with different young ladies, or if you have opted to meet several young women directly (see the page on Services and rates), the next step for you will be to travel to Ukraine. Once you have decided to come to Kharkov, we will be there with you to give you all of the assistance you will need to ensure you have a romantic, enjoyable and effortless trip. We will handle everything for your amorous stay in Ukraine beginning on the first day. A taxi driver and/or an interpreter will greet you at the airport. Those two people will be at your disposal throughout your stay. In addition, thanks to our accommodation and apartment rental capacities, and our experience arranging visits, you can save 20-30% on normal hotel prices (see the page on Your trip). Additionally, if by misfortune you do not find any common ground with the Russian and Ukrainian women that you selected, we will be able to introduce you to others while you are there, based on your preferences. Our marriage agency can prepare your future bride and handle all the formalities for her new life in Europe. We do not just introduce you and help to organize your trip. We can also help you with all of the administrative procedures you will need to fulfil for your future wifes visa, the formalities of a Euro-Ukrainian marriage, and the adoption or legal recognition of any children. In other words, you wont have to worry about the intricacies of Ukrainian legislation.