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As described in the page on What sets us apart, we adapt to each client and will work with you on an individual basis, developing your own tailored package after examining your profile and considering your wishes.

Whichever option you should choose, prior to any suscribtion, we speak with every customer about his personal case, about his criteria and projects, and we provide him with more personal information about every woman he is interested in than the basic information that is detailed in her profile. It helps us to "target" the most appropriate profiles with more precision and to avoid fruitless or incompatible introductions.

We know each of our Ukrainian members personally. This feature has been the key to our success, because we are able to introduce foreign men to Russian and Ukrainian women with compatible tastes, plans and personalities. Our policy is to closely monitor each introduction thanks to our personal local relationships and continuous contact.

  • 3 MONTHS ENROLMENT : 8000 AED ( introduction of 5 ladies of our agency)
  • 6 MOTHS ENROLMENT : 12 500 AED ( introduction of 10 ladies of our agency)
  • ANNUAL ENROLMENT : 20 000 AED (introduction of unlimited number of ladies of our agency)

These options include  illimited correspondance by email (with translation) and organisation of Skype videoconferances (with an interpreter). So, this set-up is designed to enable you to target the women that suit you the best (and vice-versa, of course)After your presentations, we suggest that you meet in Dubai in order to get to know each other better.

So these options allow you to correspond with the indicated number of Ukrainian women and to talk to them in videoconference by Skype. We suggest that the one with whom the contact is the best should come and meet you in Dubai. If this presentation is not fruitful, you can repeat the process (correspondance, Skype conversations and visit of other candidates) as many times as necessary. 

These options do not include plane tickets and hotel for the ladies who will come to meet you. The plane tickets and the hotel are at your charge.

Unlike other agencies, with us you will never make your choices of meetings blind, looking only at pretty pictures and basic descriptions... But you will be guided directly to the woman of your dreams thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of our ladies profiles. In addition, we will keep you regularly apprised of your correspondents comments on your subject and their impressions of your exchanges of letters and photos. As your relationships develop, we will tell you which of your ladies are the most interested in you and which still need to be won over. This knowledge of your mutual levels of interest will guide you in the right direction and help you to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

Our family marriage agency provides day-to-day support to our clients by being available to give advice and answer questions seven days a week (do not hesitate to contact us for information). We are flexible and hard-working: you can select your own correspondents, but you can also ask us to suggest them for you, based on our knowledge of your profile and of their personalities and preferences. Or you can take the opposite route, and we can ask each of our Russian and Ukrainian candidates in your chosen age bracket whether or not they are interested in your profile.

We do not sell the addresses of Ukrainian women. Nor do we operate on a points or bonus system with credit card subscriptions to our relationship site. Our goal is not to keep you enrolled as long as possible but rather, on the contrary, to help you to meet your better half as quickly as possible.

We remain at your disposal for any additional information you may require.
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