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Our services: introductions and marriages with Russian and Ukrainian women

Our marriage agency is highly reputated and widely known. You may witness our efficiency and our know-how through these TV programs broadcasted on French TV channels. We know each of our Ukrainian members personally. This feature has been the key to our success, because we are able to introduce foreign men to Russian and Ukrainian women with compatible tastes, plans and personalities. Our policy is to closely monitor each introduction thanks to our personal local relationships and continuous contact.

And so, unlike other agencies, with us you will never make your choices of meetings blind, looking only at pretty pictures and basic descriptions... But you will be guided directly to the woman of your dreams thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of our ladies profiles. In addition, we will keep you regularly apprised of your correspondents comments on your subject and their impressions of your exchanges of letters and photos. As your relationships develop, we will tell you which of your ladies are the most interested in you and which still need to be won over. This knowledge of your mutual levels of interest will guide you in the right direction and help you to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

Our family marriage agency provides day-to-day support to our clients by being available to give advice and answer questions seven days a week (do not hesitate to contact us for information). We are flexible and hard-working: you can select your own correspondents, but you can also ask us to suggest them for you, based on our knowledge of your profile and of their personalities and preferences. Or you can take the opposite route, and we can ask each of our Russian and Ukrainian candidates in your chosen age bracket whether or not they are interested in your profile.

We do not sell the addresses of Ukrainian women. Nor do we operate on a points or bonus system with credit card subscriptions to our relationship site. Our goal is not to keep you enrolled as long as possible but rather, on the contrary, to help you to meet your better half as quickly as possible.

Explore our packages and rates for meeting a Slavic woman

As described in the page on What sets us apart, we adapt to each client and will work with you on an individual basis, developing your own tailored package after examining your profile and considering your wishes.

Whichever option you should choose, prior to any suscribtion, we speak with every customer about his personal case, about his criteria and projects, and we provide him with more personal information about every woman he is interested in than the basic information that is detailed in her profile. It helps us to "target" the most appropriate profiles with more precision and to avoid fruitless or incompatible introductions.

  • Classic Option 1 (correspondence + meetings) : ANNUAL ENROLMENT all inclusive. Price : € 2900
  • Classic Option 2 (correspondence + meetings) : 6 MONTHS ENROLMENT all inclusive. Price : € 1900

With both of these options we will be at your disposal for one year (annual enrolment) or for 6 months (6 months enrolment). These options function in the same way. They allow you to correspond with an unlimited number of Ukrainian women before visiting them in Kharkov, and to make as many trips to Kharkov (with previous correspondance) as you want during the year (option 1) or the 6 months (option 2) of enrolment. All of your correspondence is translated into English for you and into Russian for the women.

If you select one of these options, a one week trip to Kharkov will be billed at only € 600. This price includes accomodation in a 1-2 BR apartment located in the city centre, your scheduled meetings, an interpreter's services and your return airport-accomodation tranfer by taxi. To sum up, everything, except of your meals.

The advantage of these options is not only to correspond with women that are the best suited to you (and vice versa of course) so that you can then go and visit them in Kharkov, but also to repeat the process (correspondence + meetings) as many times as necessary. In addition, we will also offer you assistance to obtain a visa for your beloved one so that she might join you in Europe and get to know you better.

  • Classic option 3 : DIRECT TRIP. One week trip to Kharkov all inclusive : € 1600

This option is offered for men who want to meet Russian and Ukrainian women immediately, on-site, without corresponding with them first. This set-up is designed to enable you to meet directly with an unlimited number of Ukrainian women selected in advance from our relationship site and who are also interested in meeting you directly to get to know you. The price of this trip includes meetings with the ladies of your choice, an interpreter's services, accommodation in a 1-2 BR apartment located in the city centre and your return airport-accommodation transfer by taxi. In summary, everything is included, except for your meals.

SERVICES INCLUDED in Classic Option 1 and Classic Option 2 (One Year Enrolment and 6 months Enrolment).

- Unlimited tracking and translation of your correspondence

- As we know all the women personally, we can give you a continuous feed-back about how your Ukrainian correspondents feel about you.

- You can correspond as long as you like in order to target the women that suit you the best (and vice-versa, of course) and go to see them in Kharkov

- When you will feel ready to make your trip, you just need to notify us two weeks in advance and we will organise your amorous trip. All of our candidates are in the same town so you will not have to travel from town to town

- Do not worry: if during your first trip you do not meet your other half, you may start over correspondence with other candidates and make a new trip to Kharkov to meet them. And so on.

- This process can be renewed as many times as you wish during your time of enrolment.

- When you meet your other half we will assist your in obataining first a short visa and then a long visa for your beloved to allow the possibility to get to know each other better

SERVICES INCLUDED IN YOUR TRIP regardless of the option you choose (Reminder : the rate of your one week trip will be € 600 if you choose one year or 6 month enrolment; and € 1600 if you choose direct trip)

- You may choose any date which suits you as each trip is tailored individually. You are responsible for buying your own plane tickets. We organize the rest.

- We suggest that you to meet 5 or 6 Ukrainian women if you plan to stay a week in Kharkov. This number of dates provides good results as you have enough choice and also enough time to spend with each woman, and at the same time your journey avoiding a "speed-dating"scenario. Please note : customers of annual or 6-months enrolment meet their correspondants; customers of direct trip meet Russian and Ukrainian women selected from our relationship site, without previous correspondence. Meeting a larger or smaller number of candidates will not influence the rate of your option.

- We arrange your meetings and provide you with the detailed schedule (dates and exact time) prior to your departure.

- We also provide contact information of your interpreter and your local organiser who will be at your disposal during your whole stay, as well as the details of your accomodation

- You are taken in hande from your landing at the airport by our local partenrs

- We handle your accommodation, and taxi return transfer airoport-accommodation. The price of your trip includes accomodation in 1-2 BR appartment in the centre of the city

- Plase note that you are not required to use our services for your accommodation. If you prefer to reserve a hotel of your own choice, you are free to make this arrangement yourself, at your discretion. In that case, the price of the appartment will be deducted from the price of your trip.

- Your local organiser will provide you with a prepaid mobile phone that you can use at your convenicence for local calls.

- Your interpreter will call you on your arrival to remind you of the scheduled meetings

- Your interpreter will come to collect you at your accomodation for every meeting

- All meetings are scheduled in advance

- All the dates are suitable for us. We organise each individual trip independetly. You are responsible for buying your own plane tickets. We organise the rest.

- You may arrange to see again any mowen that you appreciated and who are interested in dating you. Your interpreter will manage your supplementary meetings as per your wishes

- All introductory meetings are scheduled for the beginning of your stay, so that you have time to see again any women of your choice if they are also interested in you

- You do not need to rent a car as you will be accomodated in the centre of the city, where all the meetings will be held, your interpreter will come to pick you up every time

You are not obliged to make a trip of a week exactly
. If you want to spent less or more time in Kharkov, you will be charged pro-rata. 

Lastly, be assured that our partner agency and I will do everything that is in our power to make your romantic trip to Kharkov a fruitful and enjoyable one. That way, you can make your stay a real holiday in your future bride's country.

Here is a general list of additional and payable services that we can provide on your request, regardless of the option that you choose

  • Organization of video conferences with your Ukrainian correspondents, with simultaneous interpreting as needed
  • At your request, language coursescan be given to the lady of your choice. As a reminder, most of our candidates have received higher education and, while many of their language skills may leave something to be desired, you should know that Slavs tend to have an excellent aptitude for learning languages, so your correspondent should be able to get by in your language after just a few classes. See our page on Why you should meet a Slavic woman
  • We can also offer you administrative assistance as needed, to obtain a short stay or fiancé visa for your beloved from your Embassy in Ukraine

We remain at your disposal for any additional information you may require.
Please don't hesitate to contact us!