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Your romantic trip to Ukraine

Your trip to Kharkov, Ukraine, is the pivotal time
in your search

LATEST NEWS FROM KHARKOV. We would like to reassure you that Kharkov has not been affected by the opposition movements taking place in Donetsk and Lougansk. There has been no violence in Kharkov. We are continuing to work as normal, with in-person introductions between men and women happening every week.

You can decide to move forward with this step in our collaboration at any time: after corresponding with a number of women or to meet a specific woman of your choice; or you can take a trip as your first step in the process to meet with a few of our ladies who agree to it, before then pursuing your relationship with one or more of them outside the auspices of our services (because you are of course free to exchange your contact information with any of the women that you meet, if you so choose); or even take multiple trips over the course of your contract (see our page on “Services and rates”).

Anything is possible with us, thanks to our personalized, localized services and our personal knowledge of our partners in Kharkov and of the city in general, not to mention our longstanding friends who live there and can, after a simple phone call, intercede at any time with our partners or our clients during their stay.

In practical terms, it is just as easy for an EU citizen to go to Ukraine as it is to go to England, Spain or anywhere else in Europe: unlike Russia, the visa system for travellers to Ukraine was abolished in 2005 for EU nationals (Ukrainian legislation allows visa free stays for periods of time not to exceed 90 days per half-year).

We will think of all the different aspects of your trip, other than your aeroplane tickets (and even then, we are happy to give you some advice based on our experience).

Organization of your trip to Ukraine and associated services:

  • Return transfer between the airport and your accommodation
  • Accommodation at an apartment with all mod cons in the city centre. Please note that hotel accommodation is also an option, although 100% of our members opt for an apartment, cutting their expenses by 30%. The choice is yours!

We can house you either in one of our apartments with all mod cons or in a deluxe apartment with a jacuzzi or any other such typical facilities. Our accommodation capacities and our network of personal acquaintances on-site put us in a position to be able to offer you these services at moderate prices by comparison to typical European rates.

  • We can stock the foods of your choice in your apartment
  • A car and driver and/or an interpreter will be at your disposal throughout your stay

The essential: we will set up the trip and the programme of your choice, namely including:

  • Organization of your meetings with the woman/women of your choice, either at one of our partners’ premises in Kharkov or in a more casual setting (like a café or restaurant)
  • Organization of meetings additional women if, by misfortune, you have no chemistry with the woman you came to see
  • Translation of your dates with each woman by an interpreter, as needed. The interpreter will also act as the liaison between you and our local partner agency over the course of your visit
  • Organization of guided tours, outings and other entertainment, of which there is no shortage in Kharkov!

In short, you will never feel lonely, and we will always be at your disposal to provide you with the help and assistance you may need at every moment of your stay.

Rest assured: no surprises will await you in Ukraine, because we will first work together in Marseille to arrange your entire trip, calculating all of the associated costs at that time. That being said, should you wish to add on extra options once you have arrived, our partners will do their best to satisfy you, and we will notify you immediately of any new developments affecting your stay.