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Welcome to our Ukrainian marriage agency,

Meeting and marrying a Ukrainian woman is now possible, with our help!

Our marriage agency Heart Of The East was created to allow foreign men who want to meet a Slavic woman and build a family to do so under the best possible conditions of trust and reliability. We have been putting our reputation first since the beginning, and we gained popularity and trust which is reflected in different TV programms about our agency which were broadcasted on different public and private channels in France.

Our marriage agency offers a personalized, quality service for introductions to and marriages with Russian and Ukrainian women. Originally from Kharkov, Ukraine, the women registered on our website are all there to find love in Europe.

You will see that our business is different from the impersonal service offered by far too many marriage agencies and dating websites. THE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS IS OUR FULL KNOWLEDGE OF ALL OUR UKRAINIAN CANDIDATES (to learn more, see our pages on Your agency: What sets us apart and Services and rates ).

Kateryna Baratova, head of the international marriage agency Heart of the East

My name is Kateryna Baratova and I invite you to discover my marriage agency, Heart of the East. Settled in Marseille, France, for the past 15 years, I am originally from Kharkov, in Eastern Ukraine, not far from the border with Russia. The citys population is half Ukrainian and half Russian. Kharkov is home to some 1.5 million inhabitants and is known as one of the greatest cultural and academic centres in Ukraine. So I want to give you the opportunity to meet Russian and Ukrainian women from my home town... who are known to be the most beautiful women in all of Ukraine.

Our relationship and marriage agency guarantees a localized service that means you will not need to travel between different cities in Ukraine or deal with multiple local agencies. With us, neither men nor women can register online, making us the only marriage agency to personally know each and every one of our Ukrainian ladies. We opted for direct contact on both ends so that we can track and tailor the introductions we set up for each member and each potential bride from Ukraine. Our goal is to help you in the search for your soulmate, avoiding any waste of time and money for you and protecting you from scams and other disappointments.

LATEST NEWS FROM UKRAINE : From June 2017 Ukrainians can travel to European Member States without a visa. A May 2017 the European Union and European Council representatives approved the request of Ukraine for visa-free travel. They have signed the document in Strasbourg, which means that Ukrainians can now travel to EU Member States without a visa. This event is a landmark in the history of Ukraine since the approval was long awaited.

How to meet and marry a Ukrainian woman

The best thing to do is to reach out to me to give me your contact information and your search criteria. I will call you during your suggested time slot to discuss your intentions. We can also have a video conference call by Skype. We will talk about why you want to meet a Russian or Ukrainian woman, your expectations from those encounters, and your plans for your future relationship, or even marriage. During that initial discussions, depending on your motivations and before you enter into any commitment, I will suggest a few candidates who may meet your expectations (age, children, personality, physique, interests, personal or professional plans, etc.) and whose search profile you may match. We will then get to the heart of the matter: effective, targeted introductions. We make it a point of honour to guide and advise our members until they achieve their desired end goal.

Enlist the services of our Euro-Ukrainian marriage agency, and we will place all our personal experience in the field of international encounters, as well as our personal contacts in Kharkov, at your service to illuminate the path that will lead you to the woman of your dreams. Although Ukraine may seem far away, it only takes a few hours to get there, and, since 2005, EU citizens have not needed a visa to travel there! Let us help to give you the best possible chances to find love!!!